Contact us Limited is a leading Online Travel Company in Nigeria, providing services to businesses, groups and individual travelers. The agency was registered in Nigeria. We are licensed to operate with a holistic approach to travel, offering travelers the most affordable fares to flight, hotel reservations, airport pickup, visa assistance, vacation packages and other travel services via a robust, online platform that is accessible around-the-clock from anywhere in the world where there is Internet coverage.

We have a broad selection of partners, working directly with travel providers such as hotel chains, flights, cruise lines, tourist attractions, car rentals, vacation homes, transfers, and groups internationally. Our passion is to give our customers quality service and the best possible travel experience. We seek to have a global reach to support the demand of our customers in Nigeria and other countries, thereby persuading them to travel more frequently.

Fly4Cheaper is in the business of providing professional travel services to fulfil the demand of the rapidly growing overseas as well domestic leisure travel. Fly4Cheaper offers frequent fixed departure group tours to various destinations across the world including the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Scandinavia, Russia, etc and top holiday destinations across the globe.

We offer a wide range of services that cover different trips, from working holidays and internships, to adventure tours and much more. We are constantly broadening the variety of worldwide experiences so our customers can have the opportunity to choose a suitable package and embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Fly4Cheaper has the expertise and experience of catering to large group movements for events overseas and in destinations within and outside the country.

Our ultimate desire is to give travelers great value at an affordable cost.


Nigeria is in a historically unique period of time. Today, Nigeria has a large population of affluent people, disposable money, relatives and friends across the world and information like never before. The combination of all these factors has created an interest among this population to visit places around the globe. The average Nigerian population is an affluent and well informed generation with energy and interest to travel around the world. The average Nigerian traveller is a very value-conscious traveller with specific and clear preferences. Servicing this growing global movement requires consistently dependable professional travel facilitators who can inherently understand the Nigerian needs and beyond.

The promoters of Fly4Cheaper recognized this opportunity and formed a company to realize this opportunity on the basic principles of professional and dependable service.




Fly4Cheaper provides numerous services but not limited to Flight Tickets, Hotel Reservation, Airport Pick-ups, Tours, Visas, Holiday Packages to over various destinations in the world and other ground services. Fly4Cheaper operates Government group tours, Private events, Incentive tours for institutions like Banks, other financial institutions, Pharmaceutical companies and other such large corporate movements as well as student educations tours. Fly4Cheaper has identified exclusive and dedicated ground service providers at each destination and contract them to provide a variety of services to its customers. Fly4Cheaper has developed expertise and complete capability to handle large groups, facilitate overseas events, handle exclusive private groups as well as provide individual facilities like hotel bookings, transfers and other travel services across top destinations.

With a constant increase in the number of departures every year, Fly4Cheaper aspires to become a member of the prestigious International Air Travel Association (IATA) to enable direct contracting with Airlines and internal issuance of tickets for tours as well as for customers needing ticketing services. Fly4Cheaper’s ticketing operations is based out and is headed by experienced professionals from the Airline and ticketing industry. The ticketing business of Fly4Cheaper has grown into a profit centre and has started catering to small corporate and sub-agents in Nigeria.

Visa is an indispensible part of any overseas travel. Visa services is also a specialised service needing a full understanding of all legal regulations and a dedicated team of professionals to handle the processing of the visas. With a growing number of guests travelling to various destinations, Fly4Cheaper is processing the paper work in-house for visas to all destinations for its guests/customers as well as public. A team of well-trained visa professionals handle visa processing in our Company. 

Fly4Cheaper’s Office is located at 169, Ikorodu Road, Awoyokun Bus Stop, Onipanu-Lagos in Nigeria. More locations are planned in the future.

Fly4Cheaper employs some of the best professionals across a variety of functions ranging from sales to operations, support and finance. Majority of the employees are in the role of business acquisition and play a critical role in contributing to the revenue growth. With a good geographical and strategic presence as well as a highly motivated and incentivized sales team, Fly4Cheaper is penetrating deeply into the Nigeria Travel Market.

Fly4Cheaper has invested significant amount of money and energy to build and market the Fly4Cheaper brand. Brand building at Fly4Cheaper has been closely in connection with the sales activities and has mostly been a support system for acquiring new business. Fly4Cheaper has entered the media and has maintained consistence presence. Fly4Cheaper’s brand promotion strategy has had the right mix of Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) presence. Fly4Cheaper places regular ad in leading English News dailies as well vernacular regional papers while Fly4Cheaper’s ads are continuously present in non-traditional print media such as community magazines, area specific journals, coffee table books and so on. Fly4Cheaper also reaches out to people through participating in local events, community ceremonies and so on leading to an “always-on” silent presence among the people.

Fly4Cheaper  introduced its tag line “Great Holidays! Honest Prices” in all its campaigns and applied for a trade mark registration for the line. This unique positioning has been well received by the public and has placed the company clearly in a space that had not been occupied by anyone. Fly4Cheaper’s brand has always spoken directly to the consumer and this has given a leading edge in creating a particularly strong identity and association of trust.


Fly4Cheaper is a zero debt company and has delivered consecutive profits in the previous 4 financial years. F4C also declared over 20% dividend consistently for the past 5 financial years. The company’s book of accounts have been maintained stringently according to the applicable laws. The books of accounts are regularly audited by M/s BVC & Co.


Fly4Cheaper  is a young, professional and ambitious company with a long term focus in the travel industry. As a part of its strategy to rapidly expand, franchising options is also being considered  as part of expansion drive. Fly4Cheaper is also keenly looking at direct operations in key large volume destinations  within the country. Fly4Cheaper is definitely having plans for key expansion drive in the immediate future.


For any further information, please write to

169, Ikorodu Road

Awoyokun Bus Stop


Telephone: 09082474871, 09082474881

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